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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2006

Well the presents have been opened, our stomachs are all filled and the last of the Christmas scarves has been knitted. Now we are all relaxing in front of the TV (or in my case the computer) and listening to the sounds of gunshots from the neighbor’s new Christmas rifle – look out deer!! I hope he runs out of ammunition soon – maybe Santa only brought one box. We didn’t have a white Christmas – we had torrential rain instead. Fortunately, our presents were of the indoor variety.

Ours has been a very “knitty” Christmas. We had knitting books, bags and needles all show up under our tree. Plus most of my family and friends received a hand knitted treasure. I am very proud of myself as I managed to knit a total of 15 scarves, 4 lap throws, 2 shawls and a capelet in the a last two months – not to mention a pair of mittens and an assortment of dishcloths. I have never been this productive with any other craft.

Tomorrow, we begin the task of throwing away all the paper, boxes and bows then packing away all the decorations until next year. And tomorrow, after the husband is back at work and the kids are playing with their new toys, I get to begin knitting my first sock. Wish me luck.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and blessed holiday!!

Knitty Christmas!!

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