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Houston we have a problem

December 28, 2006

OOPS!!!! I knew it was too good to be true. Everything was going so well on my sock until I got to the heel. Once I started knitting the heel flap I realized that my stitches didn’t look like Kristin’s (aka Silver). My stitches were inside out to what Kristin was doing. PANIC TIME!!!!!! I went back and reread the directions about a dozen times and I even watched the double point knitting video on but I still couldn’t see where I had made any mistake. In desperation I emailed everyone I knew who could knit including Kristen (Silver) though not really expecting her to answer. An hour or so later, Kristin came to the rescue. Turns out I was knitting on the inside of my circle instead of the outside (could explain the cramp I was getting in my right hand). She patiently answered questions until I realized what I was doing wrong and kindly suggested a solution that didn’t involve frogging the whole sock. I only needed to rip the few rows of heel flap that I had knitted, turn the sock inside out and Voila! I am ready to continue on with the heel. Relatively painless. She did say that I might have to deal with a twisted stitch or two but that is a very small price to pay to keep from starting completely over. And as it turns out it is easier to knit when you are working on the outside of the circle rather than the inside. Thank you SSOOOOOO much for all your help Kristin. I don’t know who Kristin really is but apparently she is the patron saint of sock knitters. She is definitely a real Sock Saver and a hero in my book. THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!!!!

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