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Finally!!! Mid-December Dishcloth complete

January 6, 2007

It took WAAAYYYYY longer than I intended but I have finally completed my Mid-December KAL dishcloth. This is an absolutely beautiful design but the YO SSK combination proved a challenge to this novice knitter. Apparently in the process of getting the new knit stitch to pull through my two, very tight, slipped stitches on the SSK, I was dropping the YO that preceded it causing my row count to be off. There was one row in particular that I know I re-knitted four times before I managed the necessary 41 stitches. I think perhaps aluminum needles instead of bamboo would be advisable for the next lace work in cotton that I do. This is exactly the kind of project that I need to stretch my knitting muscles. Thanks for the workout Andi!!!
Now that I am finished with the cloth, I am actually envisioning that lace pattern in the leg of a pair of socks. Am I crazy or what?!?

Just Keep Knitting!!

Project details
Pattern – Snowy drops by Andi Worthy
Yarn – Peaches and Creme Ecru and Yellow
Needles – Size 7 Clover bamboo

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