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Why Is It …

October 25, 2007
  • that the trash pick only occurs early on the mornings that I am late getting the trash can to the curb?
  • that the postal carrier is only early on days when I need to mail something and have no way or don’t want to drive to the post office?
  • that the neighbor’s dogs only steal left shoes from my porch? Do right shoes smell worse?
  • that my lifetime-guarantee leakless Peerless kitchen faucet is now leaking even though it is only 3 years old?
  • that kids never want cereal for breakfast on the days when you really don’t feel like cooking?
  • that I store cornstarch and baking powder in the identical containers when both are white powders that look so much alike?
  • that I don’t bother to read the label on the aforementioned container before I dump a tablespoon of white powder into my baking since cornstarch and baking powder do not yield the same results?
  • that the breakfast biscuits had a really weird texture today?
  • that you can never find a pencil when you need one?
  • that when you do finally find a pencil it is never sharpened?
  • that telemarketers feel no shame and take no hints and that they feel the need to call the same person 6 – 7 times per day?
  • that kids always find a way to make their misbehavior your fault?
  • that One-Size-Fits-All rarely fits anyone and usually looks terrible on everyone?
  • that food that is bad for you tastes so good and food that is good for you tastes so not good?
  • that the shell of boiled eggs never peels off properly when you are making deviled eggs for guests or a fellowship meal but will peel positively, perfectly when you are making egg salad for the kids?
  • that kids only need to talk to you when you are on the telephone or in the bathroom?
  • that home disasters always happen when you are in the shower?
  • that waking up with a crick in your neck pretty much sets the tone for the whole day?

Philosophy for dealing with such a day – Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting!

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  1. Amy permalink
    October 25, 2007 5:07 pm

    Ooooh. Sounds like a bad one. Do something nice for yourself and I hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Amy permalink
    October 25, 2007 5:07 pm

    Ooooh. Sounds like a bad one. Do something nice for yourself and I hope tomorrow is better!

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