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Knitting Birthday

October 31, 2007

Well I have officially been knitting for one year now. I like to think that my skills have improved somewhat in that year. So here is a journey through the knitting of the past year.

My first foray into the world of knitting was a child’s hat for which the gauge was so wrong that it was not only too small for my daughter but also for her doll. Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of this fiasco.

But I do have evidence of the “Christmas of the Garter Stitch Scarf”

I spent the first three months of my knitting experience knitting a scarf for everyone I knew who had a neck. Thankfully, I have graduated from the furry yarns. The fuzzy yarns do have to advantage of hiding tension wobbles in ones knitting though so they are handy for a beginner.

After all the scarves, I spent some time on dishcloths. The earlier ones were garter stitch (I don’t remember if I knitted this one or if it was my daughter’s first but there isn’t much difference.

But I eventually graduated to some fancier ones

This one began my fascination with lace which is a slippery slope indeed.

In January, my love affair with socks began.
My very first sock

This sock taught me about the value of negative ease. In other words, it was too big. Fortunately my hubby has big feet. I lost count of how many pair I have knitted but some were better than others.

I am currently working on my very first design. I was hoping to have it finished to share with you by now but unfortunately it has to make a brief stop at the Frog Pond before I finish it. The design isn’t quite right yet but getting there.

I also ventured into lace shawls. The adventure started here

and ended here

and here

I don’t have this one completed yet because I am torn between to knit it as the pattern is written or alter it so that the cat’s paw section flows into the wing portion without the eyelet row.

I have also knitted one sweater but I have the second one OTN even as we speak.

I have even knitted a skirt which I modified so much it is hardly recognizable as a design from Interweave Knits. I like my design better.

There have been knitting triumphs and a few froggy failures. All in all it has been a very good year. Wonder what I will learn next year?

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