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Getting Better

February 1, 2008

The kids have finally stopped throwing up and are now eating again, the van is repaired and the bill didn’t completely drain the bank account, and the knitting is finally getting back on track. I am clearing out some of those projects for other people that have repeatedly been pushed to the back burner. I am feeling a great since of accomplishment. (Please don’t spoil it by reminding me of all the UFO’s that are currently littering my needles.

So here is the latest update:

Ricky’s Scarf – Finished and delivered.
Ricky has been teasing me about knitting him a shawl so I packaged the scarf in the bottom of a huge gift bag and put a red shawl on top. Wish you could have seen how red his cheeks were when he saw that shawl. Don’t worry, I didn’t make him suffer for too long before I pointed out the scarf.

Pattern – Easy Hunting Scarf by me
Yarn – Caron Simply Soft – Black
Needle – Size 7 circs

Jerry’s New Socks – Complete and delivered.
These were knitted with worsted weight yarn to be worn as house socks. I used a different yarn (Caron Simply Soft)this time and the gauge is tighter than the last pair that I knitted so I am holding my breath on the fit. Jerry’s wife is secretly hoping they won’t fit so she can snitch them. I really like the look of the socks in this yarn. It is a bit thinner than the average worsted so they would probably even be comfortable inside shoes. It is very soft and looks really nice knitted up. Overall, I am pleased with the results – assuming of course that they fit.

Pattern – Plain vanilla socks (2X2 ribbing cuff, eye of partridge heel, stockinette foot, grafted toe) knitted with Magic Loop method
Yarn – Caron Simply Soft – Deep Teal Heather
Needle – Size 4 circs

Calorimetry (February project for the Ravelry Christian Knitter’s group) cast on, knitted and bound off.
This is a great pattern – fun, fast and easy – I finished it in one afternoon. It is also perfect for the person who wants warm ears but hates hats (namely myself). I already have another one cast on.

This is my first time to use Paton’s SWS yarn. I like it but I don’t. It is really soft and pretty and I really like the colors and it looks fantastic knitted up. But I am not in love with the twist of the yarn (or rather the lack there of). It is a nuisance to knit because it snags and splits. Perhaps, I should use less pointy needles for the next project.

Pattern – Calorimetry from Knitty
Yarn – Paton’s SWS in Natural Geranium
Needles – Size 7

Dublin Bay Revisited socks have been frogged and had their necessary recovery time and are now ready to move forward.

SOTSii is in time out until a mood to find errors in lace hits me. I expect that to happen on Monday morning after I get the hubby off to work and before the kids wake up.

I also pulled Pink Soliel out of the pre-Christmas hibernation and have it back on track again. It is a lot farther along than the photo shows but I haven’t taken the time for another progress photo. It is my goal to liberate my needles from all of the languishing projects but I don’t know how long my will power will hold out.

I am already itching to start another new project. This one. The itch has been worsened by the fact that I purchased my yarn yesterday (Paton’s Classic Merino in Dark Grey Mix). I know this is not the yarn in the pattern but I think it will work. If not I have enough lovely wool for a sweater for my hubby and possible enough for a matching vest for Small Fry.

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  1. Lydia permalink
    February 7, 2008 10:05 am

    can’t wait to see how you do on the skirt, I totally love that pattern, but wonder how it will wear, we’re counting on you- i too had some issues with sotsii, i’ve found that if i can’t committ 2 complete hours or more at one sitting, i usually mess up, and have to redo. i did a few rows of clue #3 the other day, and had to rip back. i know i had the 127 sts before i went to bed, did the wrong side row (simple right?) and came up with 126, ripped back a couple rows had 124 sts, some more then got to 127 which was right where i started on clue #3- ugh! i have found the most difficult part of ripping back lace is the s1k2togpsso, they are a nightmare to put back on the needles. i definately recommend the addi lace needles for this, i’ve noticed a HUGE difference, happy thursday

  2. Lee permalink
    February 10, 2008 10:45 pm

    I love the Calorimetry head hat/band you knitted up. I saw it on Raverly, I downloaded the pattern, but have yet to cast on. Hope you are feeling better. Enjoyed reading your blog. It’s so encouraging to see finished projects. I need to get better at finishing all the things I’ve started.

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