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T minus 2 and counting

August 6, 2008

The Ravelypics kicks off in just two days. I did the Cast on practice dry run this morning. I got up, completed my morning rituals, got coffee made (caffeine is an absolute must) and had needles in hand well before the 7:00AM start time for my time zone. I am ready – at least I hope. The idea was to challenge oneself and I think I have succeed in that and then some. Perhaps, I am taking this Fearless Knitting thing a bit too far.

The task for today and tomorrow is to get the house organized so I don’t have to spend all my knitting time doing housework. I also have to get the school supplies organized for getting back into the old grind. And get the kitchen organized, the pantry stocked and menus prepared so I don’t have to spend valuable knitting time thinking about what to cook. I am excited about the prospect of letting the slow cooker do much of my work. I have gotten several recipes already for the blog contest and am looking forward to getting some more. Keep those comments coming.

Now for some photos. Here is the yarn:

Elann Sonata.
I adore this yarn. This is the best knitting cotton yarn that I have used. Really nice twist. A pleasure to knit and from the results of the swatching, it appears to resist bleeding and fading. I am going to like this sweater. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I ordered enough of it.

Peaches and Creme is a good workhorse cotton. It knits into soft but rugged wash cloths, dishcloths and towels. The colors are for the kitchen of a bride-to-be.

Here are some purposely obscured swatches I have been working on. No sense spoiling the surprise. You will just have to wait until 24 August 2008 to see what I am dreaming up.

And here are the tools of my design process. I forgot to take a photo of the large eraser that is also a huge part of my designs. I spared you the vision of the trash can full of wads of graph paper too.

I think I have avoided all those preparatory tasks long enough since I only have two more days!!!

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