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Rounding the Final Turn – Ravelympics Day 12

August 19, 2008

It is Day 12 of the Ravelympics and the final crunch is on. Only 5 days left to finish my two remaining projects – one of which hasn’t been cast on yet. Though I still have not completed my sweater, the finish line is in sight. I have completed 15 inches of it, so it is long enough now to be a cropped sweater if need be. And the most amazing this is that is actually fits! faint, faint

The only little “design element” that is keeping me from perfect knitting happiness is that one, pesky, little place where I just spotted a reversed cable – arrgggh! What makes me so livid with this, is that it wasn’t a mistake with the knitting. Nooooooo, it was a stupid mistake ⇒ I ⇐ made when charting the pattern. Can’t believe I was so stupid in that spot. muttering like Yosemite Sam and hitting myself over the head like Dobby the House Elf. I am hoping to be able to repair that little boo boo without having to rip the whole sweater back. Wish me luck.

Overall, I am jumping up and down thrilled pleased with the design. I did decide on a design change last night, prompted by my design consultant, Preteena. I think I might change it to long sleeves rather than the short ones I had planned, assuming I have enough time and yarn for a change that big at the last minute.

It has been fun watching the design evolve over the course of the months since its conception and particularly over the month of August when the designing in earnest began. The process between concept and reality is fascinating. Hard to believe that the idea originated where it did – but that is a surprise for later. This has been a definite challenge for me. The math necessary to get it to fit my fairly odd figure was staggering. My math professors would be ecstatic to know I actually used some of the stuff they taught me – and successfully at that. I really didn’t have a realistic understanding of actually goes into the design of a garment. I have a new respect for those professional designers out there.

The Ravelympics crock pot adventure has been a learning experience as well. There have been a couple of things that we really didn’t like but for the most part everyone has been willing to at least try Mommy’s cooking experiments. I made a huge pot of chicken stew over the weekend that turned out quite yummy. I like having several meals cooked at once. But so far, last night’s Roast Chicken and Hash Brown Casserole were the biggest hits. The chicken was tender and moist and completely infused with flavor. The Hash Brown casserole was serious comfort food even though I did get the potato to sauce ratio off just a little. Perhaps, I should actually follow a recipe one day instead of regarding it as a list of suggestions.

Crock potting is making me feel ever so organized. Supper is started when I prepare breakfast and then I only have to worry about adding a vegetable and putting everything on the table. It is nice not to have to heat up the kitchen with an oven. Big issue when you live in the South and have a west facing kitchen. It is also nice to save a few kilowatts of electricity since the air conditioners are running constantly now.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your recipes with me. I will choose a contest winner on August 24th in honor of the closing ceremonies for Ravelympics.

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  1. Aunt Kathy permalink
    August 19, 2008 7:59 am

    Tabitha I hope you can fix that cable issue without having to rip stuff too far. I can’t wait to see the finished version.

    I never follow a recipe exactly unless it’s a dessert.

    Did you ever find those crock pot bags. I swear they are worth every penny.

  2. Kay aka dkswife permalink
    August 19, 2008 2:08 pm

    You can do it!!!! :)

  3. kadezmom permalink
    August 19, 2008 9:43 pm

    I’m feeling like that gerbil…great graphic.

    I *only* have a sock and 10 squares to go. Where does the time go????

    *snort* all recipes are merely suggestions!

    happy knitting. Can’t wait to see your finished projects.

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