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Of Spiders, Sweaters and Slinkies

October 6, 2008

Yesterday, I was feeding the mutt and found three ginormous, hugemongous garden spiders. Their webs were gigantic – the largest easily 4 feet across and probably 6 feet long. Glad I am only a little arachnophobic or I might never go in the back yard again. The one pictured is the smallest of the three but the only one who wasn’t camera shy. He is slightly larger in person – around the size of your thumb.

I have been knitting away but I cannot stay focused on any one project. So I knit a little on one thing and knit a little on the next. This method does add to my projects, I just can’t seem to complete anything. I do have a couple of photos to share.

I am in the home stretch for the Baby Surprise Jacket.

I must admit it is the oddest shaped sweater I have ever encountered. But then EZ did warn me. I am about 6 rows away from casting off and I cannot get motivated to finish it. I think the buttonholes on both sides of the placket thing has me bumfuzzled. So rather than complete it, I add a few rows to every project in my UFO pile.

Here is a long belated photo of the first of my Special Olympics scarves that was finished in mid-September.

Here are a bazillion wash cloths that I have been knitting when I get discouraged or distracted from other projects.

These will either end up at the local craft fair or as gifts. Don’t know which yet.

For my final bit of blathering I would like to get a little nostalgic. I was wandering through the thrift store Friday in search of canning jars when I ran across a display of these.

I haven’t played with a real Slinky since I was a kid. My kids have never seen anything but the cheap plastic kind. I couldn’t resist picking up a couple. There is nothing like a real Slinky. That lovely sproingy sound, the mind-numbing springiness, those wonderful stair descending abilities. Slinky is just plain fun. We have been having Slinky races all weekend. Sure Slinkies serve no real purpose in life. But if you need a little break from reality, they are guaranteed to bring a smile. That seems a pretty good purpose to me.

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  1. Lynne permalink
    October 9, 2008 7:18 pm

    My daughter [22yo] has only ever owned plastic slinkies – I don’t think I’ve even seen a metal one.

    Spiders are okay as long as a) they’re not crawling on me or too close to me or b) I don’t walk through webs! Urk!!

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