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Ramblings and Rants

October 11, 2008

This week has been one big, long roller coaster ride. One minute up, the next down.

I finished my Baby Surprise Jacket

It still needs buttons but I consider it complete since I still haven’t found the buttons to use on it. I might make a button shopping run next week. But I don’t have to give this until Christmas so there is time

The ragweed is still causing me migraines. They are not as severe, which is good, but they are more frequent.

The kids have been working especially diligently with the lessons each day. I haven’t had to threaten anyone about finishing their math all week. SmallFry has even completed math without being reminded two days.


TheMutt decided that the back yard was no longer fun and escaped from the yard to roam the neighborhood Wednesday night. I spent an hour chasing her and another two hours repairing the place in the fence where she escaped. Resulting in my missing Wednesday night Bible class and gaining about 4 blisters.

I finally got the print copies of Raindrops on Roses pattern listed on my etsy store. I also have print copies available of the Emerald’s Lace pattern for those who do not like pdf downloads. If you wondering about the difference in price between Ravelry downloads and etsy, the additional fee is to cover the printing costs.


The political spats are starting to take their toll on my patience. I will be so glad when November 5th is here so all this nonsense will be over. I was taught that a person’s political views were something to be kept private. So the outrageous level of bickering over politics is really getting to me. The thing that upsets me the most are the blanket generalizations being tossed around haphazardly. “If you support McBama/Bilen you are unpatriotic” or “If you support Ocain/Paden, you a can’t be a Christian.” Candidates are being smeared and demonized. People are getting blamed for things over which they have little control or bear equal responsibility. The current economic problems, for example, are the result of mistakes made by BOTH parties. Sorry to burst your bubble folks but Bill Clinton is as just responsible as George Bush. Republicans and Democrats have equally dirty hands in this fiasco. If you don’t believe me, do a little research and see who actually loosened the restrictions for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and who supported and was opposed regulation of those agencies. So it is time to quit passing out blame and get busy solving the problem. Finger pointing solves nothing.

I cannot even escape the arguing on my beloved Ravelry. The rudeness and snarkiness are everywhere. People have gone so far as to send hate mail to Casey and Jess, who from everything I can tell are the kindest, most generous and most patient humans on the planet. So my message to all the Republicrats and Demolicans out there is Get A Grip. I admire your passion for your candidate, but realize that there are others in the world who are just as passionate about their candidate. Let them be. You don’t get extra credit for being loudly supportive of any candidate. You have precisely one vote, just like all the rest of us. Use it wisely. Sorry. Rant over.

A friend and I are going to get a booth at a local craft festival later this month. It should be fun and we are both hoping to make a little money. I have been busy knitting quick projects to sell. I have a nice stack of dishcloths/wash cloths. I have completed a number of hats as well as a few knitted bracelets. I am also working on several bath sets. I need to come up with a few more ideas of easy to knit projects that can be sold at reasonable prices. Anyone want to offer me any ideas?

To end on a happier note, I want to share this video with you.

Slinky may not solve the world’s problems but it is good for a giggle. The resolution of the video isn’t great since it is from the 60’s but I think you will get the idea.

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  1. Lynne permalink
    October 20, 2008 6:18 am

    Thanks for sharing that old ad – we had a similar one and it was a bit of nostalgia to watch it.

    I, too, will be glad when Nov 5 has come and gone – and I live in Australia!!

  2. Lynne permalink
    October 20, 2008 6:20 am

    Oops! I forgot to comment on BSJ – yours is very pretty. Do you have a particular point where you decide to change the colour?

    Pop over to my blog to read the saga of my first BSJ!

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