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Who Are You? Are We Enemies? Why Am I on This Wall? Where is Buttercup?*

April 8, 2009

All Your Questions Answered.

1. Do you have the plans for that swift?
My hubby made it from a pattern that I found on Crafty Diversions website

2.What do you use to weight it?
It is actually pretty well-balanced so I don’t weight it. I do put it on a non-skid surface and then wind away.

3. How do you keep the yarn from tangling?
You just tie it at a few intervals along the hank to keep the bundle of yarn from tangling. In this case, I used the yarn from the skein, but you can also use waste yarn to tie it. I tied the hang about every 6 inches.

4. Just how daft are you for not using gloves?
Pretty daft actually. I spent waaaaay too long working as a chemist to have any brain cells left. This lack of brain cells causes me to do silly things like stick my hands in dye but it makes for entertaining conversation as you never know exactly what I might say.
(I confess, that exact wording wasn’t used. My readers are far too polite to say that. I paraphrased your remarks a wee bit for the sake of humor. Since your comments made me laugh, I thought I would return the favor.)

5. Are you now wearing nail varnish to hide your dye job?
Nope. I boldly sported my other-worldly nails in my Bible class that night. I think it scared my class – which is not an easy thing to do when dealing with 10-12 year-olds. They certainly behaved better than usual that night.

6. Are your nails still blue? Naw. It actually washed off in a couple of days leaving no residue at all. And my nails smelled nice and fruity until the color wore off.

* Yes, I am still making Princess Bride references. My kids are addicted to it and we are watching it at least once a week. Seriously, you need to see this movie.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Tabby permalink
    April 8, 2009 12:59 pm

    Absolutely, an all-time favorite movie. We’re always doing the “No more rhymes, I mean it!” bit, always gets some groans from the kiddos. :)

  2. Aunt Kathy permalink
    April 11, 2009 10:11 am

    I have been wanting to build me a swift too, maybe this summer

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