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Back and on the Attack

July 2, 2009

Wow! The month of June has flown by. July is here and I am off and running on another knitting challenge but I am getting ahead of myself.

For those who are bored beyond imagination, here is a brief recounting of the month of June at Casa de Tabitha.

We started the month with Vacation Bible School or as I like to call it Week of the Screaming Hordes. There is nothing more fun than spending a week of your life sugaring up a room full of overly excited kids. Fun, fun, fun. Took a week to recover from that torture

Then we had to celebrate a kid birthday. That required weeks of trying to decide what said kid would like for her birthday and lots of covert shopping trips. It also involved a trip to the local science museum, and her favorite restaurant then coming home and baking a cake – from scratch. Another week of recovery was required for that.

We have also been taking part in the summer reading program. Princess Buttercup and I have a private competition going to see who can read the most books during the program. She had already won 4 prizes and I won one.

The rest of the month was consumed with gardening. We have harvested summer squash, cucumbers, green beans, peas and finally tomatoes. The veggies have helped immensely on the grocery bill.

Some of my lovely green beans.

That about catches me up. July will be spent in the throes of WIP Wrestlemania 2009. This is a friendly competition to see how many WIPs we can turn into FOs by the end of the month. I have decided to try for the Piledriver Event in which you attempt to complete every project that you have on the needles. Fortunately for me, I had already reduced the WIP count a bit but here are the projects that I am attempting to complete in July.

  • First up and Oldie but a Goodie
    Soljoy Pomatomus

    Cast on in March of 2007 hangs head in shame. I got to the foot on the first sock when I realized that I didn’t have enough yarn to complete the pair. It got pushed to the back burner while I decided how to remedy the lack of yarn. I have decided to rip it back and convert it into fingerless mitts.
  • Next oldest UFO is this lovely lace
    Mystery Stole 3 aka Swan Lake

    Cast on in July of 2007, this project had a bumpy beginning but moved along quite nicely until I got to the end of it. I was never happy with the look of that eyelet row that connects the main shawl with the wing at the end. Fear of ripping lace has kept me from ripping back to that eyelet row to reknit the eyelet row or substitute a different transition. But I have the courage now. I am going to fix this baby or frog it.
  • Another Oldie
    Prince of Wales Socks aka The Neverending Sock

    This pair started life as a pair of Christmas socks for my hubby. I messed up the pattern and had to rip. They were reknitted as Earl Grey but the light-sucking black yarn and I are just not mixing well. These babies are destined for the frog pond. Sorry honey. I will knit you a pair in another color.
  • The more recent WIPs
    Firestarter Socks

    Outrageously lovely yarn but I am having trouble getting the correct gauge for the pattern. The designer used heavier yarn than this Schaefer Anne. I have ripped and reknit twice and I still don’t have the gauge right. This yarn may find a new life as a scarf or wrap. Clapotis, perhaps.
  • Raindrops on Roses bath set

    I started a couple of these for myself back in September but I made a mistake in one of them and had to rip and I let the ecru set fall by the wayside. It will make a great gift for the bridal shower that I have to attend in a few weeks. Better get knitting.
  • Yet another WIP
    Eggplant Diminishing Rib Cardi

    No photo of this one. Cast on in January 2009. The project was moving along nicely until I got to the bind off. The tubular bind off was messing with my mind so this project has to spend some time in the time out chair.
  • Proof that I am a Cast-on Monster
    Hey Teach

    This one was cast on in May but with the hubbub in June it got neglected. I plan to be wearing this very soon.
  • And last but not least
    Big V Vest

    I only just cast this one on so if I don’t get this completed in July, I won’t really consider myself a failure. But it would be nice to be able to wear it this summer. If I don’t complete it, this will be my first project for August.

There you have it. My incredibly ambitious WIP list for July. Think I can do it???
Well I am ready to rumble.


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  1. Donna B permalink
    July 2, 2009 4:08 pm

    I wish you well on your WIPS!!! Love that eyepopping pink-yeller-orange yarn… I think it deserves a life being shown off somewhere, not stuck inside shoes.

    I'm doing the Tour de Fleece starting Sat….excited about that! I need to spin a bunch up so that I can have yarn to knit with when we go on our vacations…


    Life is rough.

  2. Becky permalink
    July 2, 2009 4:32 pm

    You are planning on being busy, aren't you! Good luck on your list. I think the firestarter yarn would look great as a clapotis.

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