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Clearing the Drawing Board Month Continues

August 26, 2009

I am so excited. I have two patterns with the tech editor and test knitters and a third that will be there by tomorrow – Friday at the latest. All three should be a reality soon. I love seeing my ideas end up in written form that someone else can read. It is also a lot of fun working with test knitters. They are the most helpful bunch. It is helpful to know if the words you wrote convey the meaning you intended. Oftentimes, they do not. So a big thank you to all the lovely test knitters who were willing to knit an untried pattern to help me improve my pattern writing skills. Thank you so much.

But Clearing the Drawing Board Month ( which may actually last for two months but we won’t mention that) doesn’t end with three patterns. No, I still have another half dozen ideas in varying stages of completeness that you will be hearing about quite soon. I can’t believe I had that many design WIPs floating around in miscellaneous notebooks.

One final reminder. The blog contest ends Saturday, 29th of August so get those comments posted. Surely some of you are more creative that me when it comes to pattern names. And there is a thick stack of prize patterns up for grabs. Put on those thinking caps and post those comments.

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