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Falling for yarn

October 3, 2009

I have just discovered a new yarn that I adore so it is only fitting that I share it with you.

Valley Yarns Hadley

It is a delightful 50% silk/50% wool blend. There is enough silk to make it soft with a nice drape but not so much that it is too slippery to handle or so drapey it is shapeless. The wool provides just the right amount of crispness so it’s not overly drapey. The silk adds a lovely sheen without being overly shiny. It also adds a different dimension to the color. Really gives it depth.

The color is Copper. I was a little unsure of it because I was afraid it would be orange, if you know what I mean. But I wanted something a little unusual for this project. Something that said “autumn”. This yarn accomplished that. It is positively gorgeous. The photos don’t really reflect the true depth of color.

It knits like a dream. No splitting. It handled everything I threw at it, including double decreases and multiple ripping. It didn’t look frayed or get splitty after ripping. The yarn really set off the stitch pattern. The stitch pattern just pops. That probably doesn’t make sense if you don’t have the yarn on your needles but you will notice a difference in your stitch definition. This is especially surprising since I had knit the stitch pattern in so many yarns before I got to the Hadley. I haven’t found knots in it so far – and that one is a deal breaker for me. The yarn has been a real pleasure to knit. It compares favorably with Rowan Silk/Wool DK. It is a little less slippery and has just a bit more body than the Rowan. The worse thing I can say about the yarn is that it comes in 50 gram balls. I prefer 100 grams quantities. But is just one of those matters of preference. On the other hand, with the yardage of each ball at just over 100 yards (just under 100 meters) it makes it very easy to calculate how much yarn you need for a project. I can see more of Hadley in my future. I haven’t found a Valley Yarns product that has let me down. They produce fabulous yarns for the price.

I can’t wait to show you what I have been knitting with it but right now, it is top secret. So I will share you a shot of my favorite shrubbery instead.

My confederate rose is just coming into full bloom. It is really beautiful this year. Just hoping that the first frost doesn’t catch it before all the blooms open.

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