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Kids are funny creatures

November 17, 2009

After a certain point in life birthdays are something you would just as soon forget especially if there are unpleasant memories associated with them. My kids however, think no birthday should go uncelebrated.

This year the kids decided that I needed a themed birthday party. They were horrified to discover that I had made it to adulthood without a single themed birthday party. They have been plotting for weeks. I would enter a room to find conversations suddenly stop and things getting hidden quickly. I tried to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to such events.

This year my birthday fell mid-week so it was decided that the festivities could wait to the weekend. This proved more difficult for the family than for me. Hubs insisted that I had to have a present on my birthday. PrincessButtercup chided Hubs for “ruining the surprise” and SmallFry tried to claim the present as his own. Me, I just wanted some cake.

On Saturday, I was confined to my bedroom for most of the morning. You cannot imagine the ruckus I caused when I had to visit the bathroom. Lucky for me, there is a computer with internet access in my bedroom so I was able to get some work done in relative peace while still having contact with humans.

Finally, after hours of enduring ominous sounds and smells coming from downstairs, I was summoned. The kids had chosen Doctor Who as my party theme. They decked out the living room with drawings of all my favorite episodes. They turned the front door into a TARDIS.

But the most fun part of the party was the cake. My culinary-challenged Hubby and kids made me a Dalek cake.

If you don’t know what a Dalek is, do yourself a favor and visit Netflix and watch an episode or two of Doctor. Otherwise, the humor will be lost on you.

Rather than singing “Happy Birthday” the kids were chanting “EX-TER-MI-NATE!” in their best Dalek voices.

Gifts were also quite fun. I got a Sonic Screwdriver (courtesy of Hubs and Think Geek) as well as a knitted version from PrincessButtercup. Hers is more of a Sonic pen but she refuses to allow me to call it that.

The kids also made me my very own TARDIS (in addition to the one on the front door.

And I got an Ood costume (which is hilarious but I am not in the mood to model it for the web) and a Bad Wolf knitting bag – it was her own design. I also got a couple of other things that didn’t match the theme and had to be dealt with separately from the festivities.

All things considered, my family managed to make a day that could have been quite depressing into a festive occasion.

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