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Of Turkey and Temperatures

November 27, 2009

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the US which means turkey and dressing and all the trimmings. This tradition requires an insane amount of cooking, most of it necessitating an oven. Fortunately, yesterday was also the first cold day we have had this fall. Somehow, you don’t mind having the oven on all day when it is cold out.

The whole family got involved in the preparations for the meal. Everyone ooohed and aaahhed over the lovely turkey that I cooked. The meal was served on the good china and flatware. Everything was just like a scene from Norman Rockwell – except for the fact that we spent the day in our fleece pajamas. Only Hubs, who had to make the Cliff Huxtable run to the store for that missing ingredient, got dressed yesterday.

After all the cooking and eating was done, we settled down to the only sensible way to spend an afternoon – knitting and a movie or two. I am wondering if sedation is a side effect of turkey overdose. The kids didn’t even argue over which movie to watch. I was one of the nicest days we have had in ages.

Now for the important question – what do you knit on a cold and lazy Thanksgiving Day afternoon? Why a wrap, of course!

Arwen Wrap to be exact.

My latest design is a wrap worthy of Arwen. The scallops in the border echo the hilt of the sword of her beloved. The lacy body reflects the peaceful elven beauty of her Rivendell home.

Despite its complicated look, the wrap is quick to knit due to the larger yarn and large needles. The wrap is knit in the positively dreamy Valley Yarns Northfield from WEBS. The 70% Merino/20% Baby Alpaca/10% Silk yarn is outrageously soft, has fantastic stitch definition but, at the same time, provides excellent drape – all the features you want in a wrap. This color is Chestnut – a deep, orangey brown that surprised me with its color depth. I don’t generally like browns but I am head-over-heels for this color.

Obviously, that wrap is not the one I worked on yesterday since it is quite complete. The one I am currently knitting is in Watercress – a deep rich green that should transition well into spring and early summer. It is a bit crowded on the needle since I am knitting both halves at once. The color is richer in person.

The rectangular wrap is knit in two identical pieces and then grafted together at the center. Pattern contains full written and charted instructions. The pattern is available as a download from Ravelry and in print version from my etsy store.


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