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Spring is Bursting Out All Over

April 13, 2010

Spring is that time of revival and refreshing. A time of renewed energies and enthusiasm. For me it has meant a restored enthusiasm for knitting and a brain nearly bursting with new design ideas. And everyone knows that new designs ideas means new yarn. So I would like to share some of my latest stash enhancements with you.

My first acquisition for the spring was this:

This beauty is was created by Debbie at Dodge Creations Dye Works Colorway is called Plum Blossom.

This bright and beautiful color just sings spring. It has been incredibly difficult to finish my hubby’s boring brown socks with this lovely yarn beckoning begging to be knit into a lovely lace shawl.

My next discovery for the spring was Sanguine Gryphon yarns. This was my first time to purchase Gryphon’s fabulous yarns and I have to say it was love at first sight. I have collected enough for four more shawls.

Top is Skinny Bugga in Cowkiller colorway(how can you resist a name like that; Bottom is Skinny Bugga in Holly Blue Butterfly colorway. The photos do not show the incredible depth of these colors

Top is Little Traveler in Gallifrey colorway; Bottom is Skinny Bugga in Beyer’s Jewel Scarab. Both colors have much more depth than the photos show. All four yarns are light fingering weight and are destined for shawls.

My last yarn shopping has been at Fiber Optics. Kimber has been helping me search for a very specific color for a design that I have had on the drawing board for a while. She has been unbelievably patient and helpful. Great customer service.
After much discussion and a postal mishap or two, she helped me find the perfect color for the design.

Isn’t it just gorgeous? It is her Merino/Silk laceweight in Aubergine colorway. The yarn is absolutely magnificent in person. Deeply mingled softly variegated colors with just a hint of sheen. Can’t wait to get to this project.
And while I was looking at Fiber Optic yarns, I couldn’t resist this one.

This yarn is her Foot Notes sock yarn in Afternoon in Paris colorway. The photo really doesn’t do this beautiful yarn justice. This one will be a summer shawl with matching socks.

Just so you don’t think all I do is collect yarn, here are my latest designs. The first of my spring collection.

The first is a quick-to-knit shawl that is the answer to the question “What do I do with this gorgeous handpainted yarn that will not cooperate with any stitch pattern.

Medusa Cascade

The Medusa Cascade is a swirling, colorful rift in time and space from science fiction. This lovely yarn reminded me of those swirling colors but it just didn’t cooperate with most stitch patterns. This lovely little shawl was specifically designed to showcase that gorgeous but uncooperative skein of variegated yarn. The uncomplicated stitch pattern lets your beautiful yarn do all the work for you.

Wear this versatile shawl as a wrap for those cool evenings, a topper for a sundress, a chic scarf or even tied around the hips.

It’s knit from the center back down with a single 100-gram skein of luxury sock yarn. The unusual shaping of this modified triangular shawl helps it stay on the shoulders better. Suitable for the Advanced Beginner to Intermediate knitter.


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My next design for you is the matching warm weather sock.

Medusa Cascade Socks

I adore variegated yarns but always struggle finding the pattern to highlight those colorful indulgences. This simple design is perfect for those beautiful yarns. It is named for the swirling rift in time and space from the Doctor Who series. This quick-to-knit ankle sock is sure to become a warm weather favorite.

Knit from the toe up using a provisional cast on, with a unique reversed gusset heel, this pattern features a ruffled cuff that is knit inside out and then folded down to reveal the right side. Suitable for the Advanced Beginner to Intermediate knitter (a variety of increases, simple decreases, basic sock knitting and lace-knitting skills will be needed).


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  1. Ascasewwen permalink
    April 13, 2010 6:11 pm

    I don’t know what I’d expect from a colourway called Cowkiller, but it wouldn’t come anywhere near that gorgeousness. I think I know what SG colourway I want to try first. And I must again express my love of Afternoon in Paris- not usually the colours I’d go for but it’s gorgeous. Reminds me of a Needlefood dye job, actually. (enabling:

    Hee, those socks are so cute with the ruffled cuff!

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