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Hot, Hot, Hot

July 16, 2010

Yep, that about sums up my life right now. It is too hot to do anything but sit near the air conditioner and knit. So naturally I have been buying yarn. Here are the latest acquisitions.

Vacation Souvenirs

Manos del Uraguay Serena
60% Baby alpaca/40% Pima cotton in one of a kind colorway with no name

I cannot begin to tell you how soft it is. I cannot wait to get it on the needles so it can tell me what it wants to be. The skeins don’t have a lot of yardage but is was so wonderfully soft that I couldn’t resist it.

Colinette Jitterbug
100% Merino wool in Salty Dog (165)

Who knew they had added semi-solids to their line. This color is going to make some really fun socks

Panda Silk
52% bamboo, 43% machine washable merino wool, 5% combed silk in Sangria (3011)

This is the yarn featured in my latest sock pattern Owen. I love the softness and the sheen. It isn’t quite as suited to cables as 100% wool would be but I think the results are still nice.

Gift Yarn

Colinette Jitterbug
100% Merino wool in Venezia (90)

I received this as a gift from a dear friend who thought I needed some yarn from England. She also sent me chocolate. She is a very good friend.

Yarn I am knitting now.

Dodge Creations Dye Works
100% Merino wool in Plum Blossom

This is going to be a shawl but that is all I will say about that now.

Fiber Optics Foot Notes
80% Merino wool/20% Nylon in Afternoon in Paris

Another shawl but I will have more to say about that later.

Knit Picks Telemark
100% Washable Wool in 7 very Who colors

This is the humble beginning of my Doctor Who scarf as worn by Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor and the one with the most special place in my heart since he was my first Doctor. They say you always love your first Doctor.

You will be seeing a lot of this scarf as it will end up ridiculously long by the time it is ready to cast off. Might not work as well on me as I am significantly shorter than 6’4″ but I will have a ridiculously long scarf nonetheless.

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  1. July 20, 2010 1:40 pm

    1) that Manos del Uraguay Serena yarn is amazing!
    2) I’m getting ready to start a Doctor scarf, too. I may have to change my name to Mrs. Nostradamus for a while.
    3) I want his jacket, too.

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