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Getting the Boot

August 6, 2010

… or at least the foot.

Yesterday, to my excitement, I found a package awaiting me at the post office. I hurriedly opened it to find…

buried among the layers of packing material…

a foot.

Scratching my head, I searched further and found a note from my friend, Linda, not to be confused with Lynda or LINDA. I am not entirely sure what message she is trying to send me but I will hope it has something to do with her desire for me to knit more socks instead of some sinister threat.

The foot is quite spectacular in a Nestene sort of way. It already has a definite affinity for hand knit socks.
The Foot likes lace socks

The Foot likes cabled socks.

The foot even likes ankle socks.

And it will stand on its head to please.

The Foot is a tad larger than my own foot so I will need to make a tiny adjustment to future sample socks. Despite its size, the Foot is amazingly accommodating. It doesn’t seem to mind what ridiculous pose I put it in; how long I make it hold that pose; whether the weather is hot or cold outdoors or even if I use the flash.

The Foot also serves as a handy-dandy needle holder. Let’s see a real foot try that.

Foot seems to have a natural talent for modeling too. Check out that point.

All that remains now is for the kids to name it. Don’t laugh. They name everything. My dress form is named Suzy, my foam heads are Mandy and Maddy. I am starting to get quite a collection of assorted body parts. Those who didn’t know I was a knitter might be a little concerned about my hobbies.

Thank you, dear Linda, for my gift. I promise to dress it up often.

Socks show above from top to bottom are:
Naughty socks
Owen Socks
Amber Waves Slipper Socks
Purple Mountain Slipper Socks
Medusa Cascade Socks
Owen Socks

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Linda - Stoneybrooke Cottage permalink
    August 8, 2010 1:55 pm

    I love, love, love seeing Senior Foot in action. I’ve seen a couple other poses that might make a great mate for him. lol

  2. August 10, 2010 12:10 am

    Love the foot! The socks look great on it too. It will be interesting to hear what the kids end up calling it.


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