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Lizard Feet and Cherries Jubilee

August 16, 2010

Yesterday, I made a startling discovery. That really cool stitch pattern that was on the socks someone sent me was the reverse side of eye of partridge. How do I know this? I discovered that when I wear the socks with my ankle brace, I have a lovely eye of partridge pattern on my legs and foot when I take my shoes and brace off.
See my lovely lizard foot?

I had a pretty good week last week. I got some contest prizes mailed and took care of a lot of pesky issues that had needed completing. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I ended the week by getting some new yarn. This is from an indie dyer called The Crafts Meow.

The red one is called Cherries Jubilee. The color is much richer and redder in person. Apparently, I am incapable of photographing red things.

The darker color is called Blackwatch Swirl. It is a gorgeous blend of teals and deep purples. I already have some ideas about what these two yarns will grow up to be. Only time will tell if the yarn agrees with me.

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