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Too Busy to Blog

July 12, 2011

Between Timmy, the garden, the dead freezer, last week’s problems with car glass, computer issues and the kids, that is how my life has been.

So let’s catch up, shall we?

Timmy has been properly fitted

Though it’s not an easy thing to do with someone so small.

Dead Freezer has been removed. It was a good freezer that served us well. It survived 18 years and at least 5 moves. It will be missed.

However, I have suddenly discovered that its removal gives me much more room in my kitchen. So it may not soon be replaced.

All glass has been repaired but I thought I might show you what happens when I have a bad week with car glass.

Now one but 2 windows drop into doors without reason or warning.

This is only the seventh repair (technically, we could call it 9 since they replaced the parts on all 4 windows this time) we have had on the 4 windows of the Jeep. Can you say “factory defect”? I really hope I don’t have further problems with this vehicle. Maybe we should have gotten a van instead.

But as if two window replacements weren’t enough, Mr. H decided it might be fun to catch flying scrap metal with his windshield.

There were three other vehicles damaged by the same flying scrap metal. Truck that tossed it into the air was oblivious to the situation. Fortunately, Mr. H wasn’t hurt, other than in the wallet.

So hopefully, you all will forgive my temporary absence and consider yourselves fortunate that you aren’t me right now.

Next post will be about knitting. I promise.

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  1. lucy permalink
    August 6, 2011 10:28 pm

    Well you have been busy! Hope you’re having a great summer.

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