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The Thing about Summer (Contest)

August 26, 2011

…is that it gets away from you really quickly. This summer is no different. It has zoomed by a light speed.

Here is a quick update on what’s been going on this summer.

Summer Reading Program
Everyone in the family, except Mr H, took part in a summer reading program. With all the other stuff going on none of us read an astronomical number of books but we still won some prizes. SmallFry won a game, Buttercup won a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant and I got tickets to a play. Plus we all tried out some new authors and have a list of books to read for the rest of the year.

We tried but the weather just didn’t cooperate much. It was exceptionally dry this spring so the plants just didn’t do much. We did get some fresh veggies but not as many as we would have liked. We are hoping for better luck with the fall garden.

StarFleet Fiber Arts Corps
I mentioned this group in my last post. I am still knitting away for Starfleet. I should have at least one more promotion by the end of the summer but I am hoping to jump two ranks.

The house has tied up a lot of my time this summer. First, there was the series of appliance failures and car woes to deal with. And then we turned the house totally upside down to create an office space for me and a more functional school space. When all is said and done, there will probably only be one piece of furniture in the entire house that didn’t get moved. On the bright side, I love my new bedroom and office. I think this new arrangement, once everything finally returns to its proper place, will be more conducive to creative work.

I’ve been working away on a number of designs but I haven’t quite got them ready to show you yet. Just know that there will be a lot of new things to see for fall.

Finally, a contest since I haven’t given away anything on the blog lately. Many of you who read this will be aware with my family’s fondness for the TV show Doctor Who. In celebration of the start of Season 6.5, how about a chance to win my Doctor Who-themed patterns? Just post a comment about your favorite Doctor Who moment. Please include your Ravelry ID, an email addy or some way to contact you if you win. One winner will be chosen using the Random Number Generator and will receive a copy of the following patterns – Medusa Cascade Shawl, Medusa Cascade Socks, Time Lord Socks and Sprinkles Socks which are affectionately known as TARDIS socks because the lace looks like little TARDISes hurtling through time and space. In the event that the winner already owns some of these pattern, he or she will be allowed to choose a different pattern or even gift the duplicate pattern to a friend.

For more chances to win, join my Ravelry group, like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and then post another comment for each social outlet to let me know you are following me and you will receive an extra entry. So that is four chances to win per person. As an bonus prize, the winner will also receive the Who-themed pattern that I am secretly working on as soon as the pattern is released. That is a total of 5 patterns! All in time for holiday knitting.

There is also another contest going on my Ravelry group so if you join that group, make sure you play the game.

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  1. Brianne permalink
    August 26, 2011 11:15 am

    I’ll play!

    I love just about any episode he has with River Song. She’s a great character. Especially in the library, though, when we first meet her. That whole episode was riveting! Seeing how her relationship is a little different between Tennent and Smith is fascinating. They are such different doctors!

  2. August 26, 2011 11:50 am

    As much as I like 42, the answer to life, the universe and everything, I already gave that one on Rav, so here I shall pick……………. 27

  3. August 26, 2011 12:16 pm

    Was told to let you know that I follow you on twitter and fb also! :)

  4. August 26, 2011 12:23 pm

    I also follow on Twitter (3)

  5. August 26, 2011 12:24 pm

    I am also in your Rav group, and my favorite Dr Who moment , there are so many but this past seasons Christmas Special was full of lovely moments! (4)

  6. Joyce Larsen permalink
    August 27, 2011 4:39 pm

    I love the episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”. She’s not who you think she’ll be! And The Doctor calls the Tardis “Sexy”.

    My Ravelry ID is LinenLady9

  7. Joyce Larsen permalink
    August 27, 2011 4:41 pm

    I also follow you on Facebook. (Ravelry ID is LinenLady9)

  8. Joyce Larsen permalink
    August 27, 2011 4:42 pm

    And I’m already in your Ravelry Group (LinenLady9)

  9. Melissa permalink
    September 13, 2011 3:00 pm

    My favorite moment so far is learning that Jack is the Face of Boe! Very clever!


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