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Lily Alexania Hat

Lily Alexania Hat Inspired by the bold hats worn in the Edwardian Era and named for a survivor of the Titanic, this felted hat is ridiculously quick to knit due to the loose gauge and large needles. It practically knits itself.


Tess Tess of the D’Urbervilles follows the life of its herione from maiden to mother to milkmaid to mistress to murderer. I can imagine Tess wearing this corset-styled vest with its delicate, crocheted lace edging. The neckline is a flattering U-shape and the waist is shaped with ribbing for a snug, comfortable fit.
Available from Sanguine Gryphon

Athyrium Beret

Athyrium Beret This stylish spiral lace beret is named for the graceful fronds of the lady fern that gently bend in the breeze. The hat looks great on the wrong side too. You get twice the wardrobe enhancement for half the knitting.

Dirty Double Crosser

Dirty Double Crosser This deceptively simple cabled hat uses an easy-to-memorize cable pattern that is attractive but quick-to- knit. It looks good with the brim rolled up or down. The hat makes a great gift for guys or gals.

Ailish Sock

Ailish SockThis sweet lace ankle sock features an interchangeable ribbon at the cuff. The ribbon fits neatly at the ankle bone. Sized for infant through adult. Knit in the round from cuff to toe, ending with grafted toe.

Owen Hat

Owen HatOwen is a simple beanie-styled hat adorned with wide cables that run from the brim to the crown. The pattern is bold enough to stand up to most variegated yarns but also looks fabulous in solid colors.


Evan Hat

Evan HatEvan is a cabled beanie-style hat featuring a wide, ribbed cable that shifts to the right with subsequent repeats resulting in a spiral effect. The cable ribs are then decreased into points to form the crown of the hat.

Evan Sock

Evan SockEvan is a simple sock adorned with a wide cable running from the toe to the cuff. The pattern is bold enough to stand up to most variegated yarns but also looks fabulous in solid colors. The sock is knitted from the toe up and features a clever reverse gusset heel.

Ailish Hat

Ailish HatThis sweet lace hat has an interchangeable ribbon at the brim. The ribbon can be also used as a drawstring to turn your hat into a cute little bag. It may also be jazzed up with a decorative flower or pin at the top of the brim.

Owen Sock

Owen SockOwen is a simple sock adorned with two wide cables running from the toe to the cuff and up the back of the leg. The pattern is bold enough to stand up to most variegated yarns but also looks fabulous in solid colors.

Medusa Cascade Shawl

Medusa Cascade Shawl This versatile little shawl was designed to showcase that gorgeous skein of hand-painted yarn. The uncomplicated stitch pattern lets your beautiful yarn do all the work. Wear it as a wrap for those cool evenings, a topper for a sundress, a chic scarf or tied about the hips.

Medusa Cascade Socks

Medusa Cascade SocksI adore variegated yarns but struggle finding the pattern to highlight them. This simple design, named for the swirling rift in time and space from the Doctor Who series, is perfect for those beautiful yarns. This quick-to-knit ankle sock is sure to become a warm weather favorite.


Aragorn Sock

Aragorn SockThis deceptively easy but bold lace and cable pattern is masculine enough for the Aragorn in your life, without being dull to knit. It looks great knit in a more feminine color too.

Aragorn Hat

Aragorn HatThis deceptively easy but bold lace and cable pattern is masculine enough for the Aragorn in your life, without being dull to knit. It looks great knit in a more feminine color too. It’s the perfect match for the Aragorn Scarf, Aragorn Gloves or Aragorn Socks.

Aragorn Scarf

Aragorn ScarfAragorn is truly a complex character – descendant of kings and elves, wanderer and warrior, healer and king. For him, I chose a combination of twisted stitches and textured lace for a bold and interesting-to-knit pattern that a man will still wear. Yet the stitch pattern looks lovely in a more feminine color.

Arwen Wrap

Arwen WrapA wrap worthy of Arwen. The scallops in the border echo the hilt of the sword of her beloved. The lacy body reflects the peaceful elven beauty of Rivendell. Despite its complicated look, the wrap is quick to knit due to the larger yarn and large needles.

Arwen Keyhole Scarf

Arwen Keyhole ScarfThis quick-to-knit, little keyhole scarf is the final piece to Arwen’s Elven Accessory set. It’s a great way to add a little warmth on those cool Rivendell days or a splash of color near your face. It has all the advantages of a cowl but you don’t have to muss your hair to remove it.

Arwen Cowl

Arwen CowlAt the prompting of my friend Linda, I added another piece to Arwen’s elven accessory set – a cowl to ward off the evening chill of Rivendell. This one can be worn two ways – with points up or down- and comes in three sizes for custom fit.

Arwen Fingerless Gloves

Arwen Fingerless GlovesThese delicate little gloves will keep your hands warm without interfering with the use of your fingers. Perfect for wearing while knitting or doing other hand work. These gloves coordinate with the rest of Arwen’s elven accessories. This low yardage pattern is great for that luxury yarn splurge or that odd skein of yarn.

Arwen Cloche Hat

Arwen Cloche HatMy friend Linda reminded me that Arwen needed some accessories to match her comfy slipper socks. I thought she’d enjoy a lacy, close-fitting cloche. The gentle ripples of lace will frame her lovely elven face. A quick knit that is perfect for gifts.

Arwen Slipper Socks

Arwen Slipper SocksThese delicate little slipper socks look like something Arwen might wear on the cool evenings in Rivendell. They’re perfect for keeping elven toes toasty in the winter. It’s a quick knit that’s perfect for gifts.

Time • Lord Socks

Time Lord SocksWhile designing socks for my husband that were manly but not boring to knit, I found inspiration in my favorite television show. The little boxes in the stitch reminded me of the windows of that mysterious blue call box. Naturally the pattern is named for my favorite doctor.

Purple Mountains Slipper Socks

Purple Mountain Slipper SocksThese cozy slipper socks are just perfect for keeping tender toesies warm in the winter. Worsted weight yarn makes them thick, warm and sturdy – your could even wear them in place of shoes! This is the two-color variation of the Amber Waves Slipper Socks pattern.

Amber Waves Socks

Amber Waves Slipper SocksThis is a thick, warm sock to keep those toes nice and toasty on cold winter days. Because it is knit in worsted weight, it is quick and easy. Detailed instructions make the pattern easy to follow for even beginning sock knitters.

Jessica Scarf

Jessica ScarfThis flirty, little scarf with it’s slightly scalloped edges is narrow enough to double as a belt, sash or even a hair band yet long enough to be worn a variety of ways from flowing freely to wrapped around the neck French style.

Raindrops on Roses Bath Set

Raindrops on Roses Bath SetThis lovely towel will look wonderful in your guest bath but also be a lovely addition to your kitchen. Perfect for gift giving. Pattern includes instructions for two matching wash cloths. One is a pretty lace one and the other a textured, more functional cloth.

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